With Richmond, CA being home to some of the most influential hip hop artists of our time, Mani is proving he’s cut from the same cloth. Make no mistake, it’s Mani’s writing that sets him apart, and it’s his writing and producing for others that is elevating him as an important Bay Area artist. He has stood next to the likes of Locksmith, Rexx Life Raj and IAMSU. Mani has shined on production from Jake One, DJ Flow and Terrace Martin, and entered as the narrative voice on IAMSU’s critically acclaimed debut ‘Sincerely Yours’.

Growing up being inspired by other Bay Area artist such as Sly Stone, Tony Toni Tone and E-40, Mani dreamt of being a part of something that represented unity, but also showcased freedom of expression and individuality. Upon returning from college Mani joined forces with several dynamic Bay Area musicians, singers, producers and all around influencers to form Brave Area: a collective that explores traditional sampling and live instrumentation, while taking full advantage of technology’s advancements, resulting in a sound thats new and familiar at the same time. In the spring of 2017 Mani partnered with Bay Area boutique label At The Ave records.

Mani’s beat driven melodic underground sound is somewhat generation-less, with lyrics that find a natural bridge between power and vulnerability. His 2015 release ‘The Unauthorized Biography of Ella Mae’ serves as evidence that Mani and Brave Area are elevating Hip Hop music and everything that it influences. In the winter 2016 Mani would release full length LP through Empire distribution ‘Last Marauder’. In 2017 after touring in Europe Mani joined forces with DJ Flow to release their joint album ‘RAWK’.

In 2018 Mani would release his solo LP ‘Mercy’, with guest features from acclaimed emcees such as Locksmith and GQ of Jamla Records and production from Dj Flow, SNDTRAK & ZENAN, Bracy and Rye Mann of Trey Costal.

In the summer of 2019 Mani and co. brought it all together with the ‘TV Babies’. Yet another full length LP. “Everything is about programming, from the time we enter the world, we’re being programmed. I wanted to explore my own personal programming and showcase where the conflict exist internally with what acquired as a means of several and not having any access to simply knowing better and applying discipline to rewire.” With yet another star studded cast Mani did just that!